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Just a quick update. We have arrived in Pune after MANY hours of traveling. We meet Rahul Friday at 9:30am India time. Please pray for this meeting! Also, please pray that our luggage gets discovered. We lost both of our checked bags somewhere during transit! Long story…I’ll try to update you later on when we have some down time. Keep on praying…we definitely feel them. God has done some amazing things just to help us to make all of our flights. We have a great peace even though it’s been crazy at times!


A Time for Everything…

The past few days have been filled with a plethora of emotions. I have experienced the obvious emotions of joy and excitement as we are finally able to travel to bring our son home. But, there has also been the unexpected emotion of grief that, to be honest, has caught me off guard.
The other day, I was laying down with Abigail during nap time, and I began to weep because I realized that in a few days things would change forever. It was a grieving over the time lost with one child for the sake of investing in and loving another child. I experienced the same thing with Dawson the night before I went to the hospital and gave birth to Abigail. It is a grieving in the midst of excitement…knowing that something exceedingly greater than you can imagine awaits, but knowing that there are great sacrifices to be made along the way.
As Kevin and I left home this morning, we waved goodbye to the familiar…the familiar faces, hugs, sights, smells, etc., and with that farewell came the emotions of sadness and grief. However, we know that something…more importantly, someone…awaits us that will far exceed anything that we could ever dream of or imagine!


Kevin and I have arrived in Newark, NJ. Our flight to Frankfurt, Germany departs at 10pm.
We’ll keep you updated as often as we can, but we don’t know what Internet access will look like at our other connecting airports. Thanks for everyone’s prayers! Keep them coming…

How our journey began…

Welcome!  Thanks for visiting our blog.  Our family is currently in the process of adopting a little 4-year-old boy from India.  In May 2009, God began to work in my heart and impress upon me a burden for the fatherless of the world.  The more that I researched orphans and adoption, the more I knew that God was calling our family to get involved.  Then came the question, “How?”

Kevin and I began to pray about what this meant for our family both individually and as a couple.  In August, after much thought and prayer, Kevin and I made the decision to pursue adoption through Holt International.  Initially, we were pursuing an adoption through the Philippines.  We felt the characteristics and requirements of the Philippines program fit our family.

In March 2010, God changed our direction from the Philippines to pursuing a waiting child from India.  From the beginning of our adoption journey through Holt, there was one particular child on the Waiting Child list that captured my attention.  However, at the time, we felt that his needs might be too much for us to handle.  However, in March, I finally broke down and contacted Holt to check on this child’s progress.  To our delight, the developmental needs that this child had that once concerned us had vanished, and he was now developing at the level of his peers in almost all areas. 

In April 2010, we were officially matched as Rahul’s family.  After months of updating our home study and changing country documentation, we had everything in order to begin the adoption process of Rahul.  At the beginning of March 2011, we received written guardianship of Rahul.  We have been waiting for Rahul’s passport to come in, and, finally, on Friday we received his passport and our ICPC (the final documents we needed in order to get travel dates).

Our son, Rahul

Travel Dates

On Friday, Kevin and I officially received our travel dates.  We are now traveling to India on Tuesday, March 29.  We have already purchased our plane tickets and booked our hotel rooms.  While in Pune, we are excited to be staying at a hotel within walking distance from Rahul’s orphanage.  In Delhi, we are staying at ElevenDelhi.  This is a Bed and Breakfast type accommodation, and we are grateful for the owner of Eleven and the invaluable resource that he has already proved to be to us.

We will be visiting Rahul’s orphanage on April 1, where we will meet the staff and get to experience what life is like for Rahul on a daily basis.  We will not only be meeting Rahul for the first time on the 1st, but also taking custody of him that afternoon!!