A Time for Everything…

The past few days have been filled with a plethora of emotions. I have experienced the obvious emotions of joy and excitement as we are finally able to travel to bring our son home. But, there has also been the unexpected emotion of grief that, to be honest, has caught me off guard.
The other day, I was laying down with Abigail during nap time, and I began to weep because I realized that in a few days things would change forever. It was a grieving over the time lost with one child for the sake of investing in and loving another child. I experienced the same thing with Dawson the night before I went to the hospital and gave birth to Abigail. It is a grieving in the midst of excitement…knowing that something exceedingly greater than you can imagine awaits, but knowing that there are great sacrifices to be made along the way.
As Kevin and I left home this morning, we waved goodbye to the familiar…the familiar faces, hugs, sights, smells, etc., and with that farewell came the emotions of sadness and grief. However, we know that something…more importantly, someone…awaits us that will far exceed anything that we could ever dream of or imagine!



  1. Doneva Reynolds Said:

    Been thinking about you guys all day!!!! Will continue to pray for safe travels. I know as excited as you are to meet Rahul, you are missing Dawson and Abigail. Just know that this time will be a time they will always remember too, because you know that they will get a little extra spoiling while everyone waits for your return!!!!
    Anxious to hear all about your trip, and meet Rahul. Post pics as soon as you can. Love you both!!!!

  2. Melinda Said:

    Prayed for you all this morning and will continue to do so. Dawson was very excited this afternoon. Wow! It’s finally here. The blog is an awesome idea.

  3. Johnny Said:

    Hope the journey is off to a great start.

  4. Dawson's Class Said:

    We are plotting your journey on our classroom map. My friends are so excited to hear an update on where you are and what you are accomplishing at different times throughout our day. Thank you for sending us an itenerary. This morning, any student who chose to pray, prayed for your safety in flight from Frankfurt, Germany to New Delhi, India! We can’t wait to meet Rahul!

    • tpropes Said:

      Thank you so much to my favorite 1st grade class for your thoughts and prayers! We are in Pune, India now. While flying we flew over many oceans and seas. One of the most beautiful to see from our airplane was the Caspian Sea. We also saw cows walking down the street today too! 🙂 Driving the streets is an adventure and so much fun!

  5. Erin Said:

    We are sooo excited to meet Rahul! Dawson got in the car yesterday and I told him you were landing in India at that moment. He looked at me and said, “yeah, I know. Mrs. Hash just told me!” Love him!

    We got out the map to show the girls how far you are traveling to bring Rahul home. They were impressed!

    We are thinking and praying for you all!

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