Sorry for the delayed update. I know many are eager to know how yesterday went, so here’s a brief synopsis. We arrived at the orphanage at 10am. When we first arrived, we were given a quick briefing and given all of Rahul’s official documents. After that we were escorted into one of the rooms were we got to meet Rahul for the first time.
Kevin and I are realists so we weren’t expecting a Disney moment during this first meeting. It’s a good thing we weren’t because Rahul didn’t want anything to do with us. You could tell he was excited we were there, but he is very shy at first, just like Abigail. During our time there he never would allow us to touch him or hold his hand, but we were able to play soccer with him and work some puzzles. There was no waiting to see if Rahul would warm up to us because as soon as the placement ceremony occurred they sent us on our way. Rahul was very sad and scared to leave, but, thankfully, there was another family there adopting an older child, so Rahul held his hand and we all drove away together. We dropped the other family off first, and I had to physically restrain Rahul so he wouldn’t leave with Mayur. He didn’t get upset, but he was so scared I could actually hear his heart beating.
It was then time to take him into our hotel. Nothing like two “whites” carrying a screaming child, who we didn’t have when we left, into a hotel. We tried to get to the ninth floor as quickly as possible.
Once we got to the room, we tried to calm him down by playing with him. He calmed down, and I had him smiling before long.
More uPdate to come. Rahul just woke up and we need to help him remember where he is at.
Many blessings and much love…



  1. Katie Irwin Said:

    Praying for you all !! Love you lots!!

  2. Stephanie Said:

    Ok just got weepy over here that he’s with you! Lifting up the adjustment!

  3. Erin Said:

    Praying and happy and excited and scared for you all at once!

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