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Today, great progress has been made in Rahul’s attachment to us. He has bonded a little more quickly to me, since he has never really been exposed to very many men at the orphanage. He now calls us Mommy & Daddy, and I have even been able to hug and kiss him a few times. Ironically, the thing that has helped this bonding the most is through his “school” time. He brought a notebook that he would use during his school time at the orphanage to practice writing his alphabet and numbers…which he does a surprisingly good job at saying and writing. He has allowed me to help him with his writing, and he loves to show off his work to us so we will cheer for him. It was during this time that he first allowed me to hug him. He also will not go anywhere outside of this room without one of us (usually me) holding his hand. This is good practically so he doesn’t run away from us, but it also helps to build trust. So, all that to say, progress is being made, but I’m afraid that we may be caught in a “50 First Dates” moment and have to start from scratch on the attachment building each day.
Other topics of interest…We were able to file our lost luggage claim officially today, so we have been assured that they will be found, and should arrive at our Delhi B&B. We shall see if this is true. We have found that the people here are so kind and wanting to please us that sometimes they just tell us things that we want to hear, which is sweet, but not always helpful. The longer I am here the more I am enjoying the people and the place of India. The people are beautiful, and despite the great poverty here the people, especially the women take great pride in the way they dress. I have seen women living in shacks elegantly dressed. It really is a sight to see. Kevin and I have gotten to experience life on the road here a few times, and as chaotic as it appears, Kevin and I really love it and I have found these to be times of great calm and peace…I know I’m crazy!
On a side note, Kevin has been my superhero during this trip. As if I wasn’t already crazy in love with him, this trip has made me love him even more and treasure his wisdom and leadership in our marriage!
I’m going back to bed. It’s 3:30am on Sunday here. We have a big day today. Rahul gets to ride in his first plane. I think he will be okay. So far, he has consistently shown us that when he gets scared or overwhelmed, he just kind of shuts down. This is preferred, at this time, to excessively screaming and hitting that other kids in this situation sometimes demonstrate.
We have been overwhelmed by your comments of support and prayer! We are thankful for each of you…