Delhi-Take 2

We have arrived in Delhi, AND we now have all of our luggage! Rahul is attaching to me well…we’re still working on daddy, but at this point we’re just happy with him attaching to anyone. This morning when he woke up he was asking for me, which is HUGE. In the past, he has just shut down and started rocking back and forth. This morning we started coloring, and now, although he is rocking as we speak, we are singing nursery rhymes together.

We got to experience India last night a little. We took a 10 minute walk to a nearby food court and had an amazing Indian pizza. Our B&B is nice, which is always a pleasant surprise. You never know what to expect…sometimes the pictures online don’t match up to reality.

Thanks for your prayers! Much love and many blessings…



  1. Jon Hansford Said:

    Really excited for you. Blessings all the way through., Jon Hansford

  2. Erin Said:


  3. Wendy Said:

    So glad that you finally got your luggage! I have loved reading your amazing adventures in India! I continue to pray for little Rahul’s heart as he is experiencing all this change. I know that it is hard to watch him deal with this now. I will continue to pray for your transition and I look forward to seeing pictures of your family! 🙂

  4. Rita Said:

    So glad to hear from you and know that things are going well! We are praying…!!

  5. Aimee Morris Said:

    Thank you for posting and sharing. I am praying for smooth and easy transitions as well as safe travels!

  6. megan Said:

    so glad to hear things are going well. i love getting your updates so i can be praying for your all. keep ’em coming. and yeah for the lost luggage being found!

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