Turning a Corner

Today has had its disheartening moments with the whole Visa issue and all, but it has also been a day of great growth for Rahul in his attachment to us and his trust in us. He is starting to accept our touch more…even daddy’s…and he even cuddled with me on the bed tonight as we watched Tom & Jerry (yes, it seems some things transcend generations and cultures). I have really tried to be intentional in doing things to help Rahul attach to Kevin, and today, he actually walked with Kevin back to our room while I took a break and stayed outside to read a magazine and catch up on the Indian celeb scene.
He is a super smart kiddo and able to express himself well. He actually tells me when he is feeling sad. For a few days while we were in Pune, at random times, Rahul would use a Marathi word and then start to act upset. I had no idea what he was trying to tell me, but finally I found someone to translate for me. Now when he tells me he’s sad, we grab the camera and begin looking at his friends and caregivers at BSSK. After that he’s good to go. We know that we have a lot of work ahead of us in helping Rahul continue to attach to us, but I feel like today we turned a corner. We love you all and thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.



  1. michele Said:

    I am so happy to hear that Rahul is getting more comfortable with you both. I think it is very normal for kids to attach more readily to one parent than the other. This was the case with our daughter. She wanted nothing to do with anyone else but me for quite some time. Gradually, the more she attached to and trusted me, the more she let other people in. It was hard on DH, but I think it was just how she needed to attach. She totally loves her daddy now. He’s her hero. I think what you are doing is great. Keep lovingly encouraging him trust both of you, and he will learn how much you are both for him. I also think showing him pics from BSSK is a great to let him know that it is ok for him to feel connected to his friends there. Blessings on your journey home.

    Michele (Vishakha’s mom)

    • tpropes Said:


      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Vishakha is a sweetheart and so loving! I have lots of pictures and video of her that I look forward to sharing with you. Many blessings…

  2. susan howerton Said:

    Still praying for you guys. Know God is working in great ways. Many people are praying on Facebook for you guys, I continue to see. How great to be in the center of God’s will for your family right now. He loves you so. So do we…


  3. Stephanie Said:

    Is this stretching you like crazy or what? It’s fun to hear about…so awesome how you guys are making this precious boy part of the family! I bet Dawson and Abigail are biting at the bit to meet him! Love!!

  4. Aimee Morris Said:

    Continuing to pray for your sweet family. I attended a new church here in Louisville tonight and the pastor and his wife had adopted a little girl from Ethiopia. He said she gave him the “stink eye” for week’s lol, but now she loves him as if she has known him forever. They showed pictures from when they first met her and now (6 months later). It was amazing to see her sweet smile and to see the transformation and blessings God has brought unto that family. I pray for many similar blessings yalls way! Can’t wait to read/hear more! 🙂

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