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Many people have requested an update, and there are many reasons that I have been delayed in posting one (jet lag, catching up on missed time with Dawson and Abigail, oh, yeah, and transitioning our 4 year old son into our family).  To say the least things have been a little crazy, and I haven’t even had time to think about getting on the computer.  To be honest, however, another reason, the main reason, that I haven’t posted an update is I really didn’t know what to say. 

The past two weeks have been some of the most difficult weeks of my life.  Thankfully, Kevin and I expected it to be difficult.  However, as much as one can read about the difficulties of transitioning and attaching, nothing can really prepare you until you face it.  I have been blessed to face this challenge with my best friend!  Kevin and I have grown more and more in love with each other through this adoption journey.

Rahul has blown us away with how well and quickly he has attached to our family.  When we left India, Rahul would primarily only allow me to touch and BRIEFLY hold him (this usually resulted in crying).  He wouldn’t even sit next to Kevin.  Now, while he is still a “Momma’s Boy”, Rahul loves his daddy.  He gives him hugs and loves to be “gotten” by daddy, which usually involves tickles and lots of hysterical laughter.  Dawson is his hero, and he and Abigail love to play together…most days that is!  🙂 

When we picked up Rahul, he was probably at about a 2 year old emotional/social developmental level.  It’s been difficult having to create boundaries and provide structure and discipline to him because while he has a 4 year old body, he still thinks and reacts (i.e., has tantrums) like a 2 year old.  In the two weeks we have been home, he has progressed almost 6 months developmentally.  Now when I ask him to do something he listens, he is learning to share (and that if people play with his toys he will get them back), and I can even redirect him to other activities if he is doing something that he shouldn’t be doing.  None of these things were a possibility 1 week ago, so he has made huge growth in an amazingly short amount of time.  He still has his moments when he regresses, but overall his improvement is off the chart.

Rahul is sweet and loving!  He loves to come running down the hallway and plant a big hug around my legs!  He loves to help clean up!    He wants to make sure that everything is in its proper place…he is a boy after my own heart. 🙂  He is also one of the most respectful kids I’ve ever met.  He says please and thank you…and he even blesses people when they sneeze. 

I know this is a brief update, and I have much more to say.  However, nap time is ending, and we’re off to pick up Dawson from school.  More updates to follow…soon, I promise!